Rant on Double-Talking Liberals (Embryonic Stem Cell Research)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Throughout school all I was ever taught was how conservatives are ‘anti-progress’, but that doesn’t make any sense when you consider the fact that New Deal Liberals tend to be anti-Real Estate Development and anti-Globalization. They are anti-innovation in the field of morality unless ideas conform with preconceived notions ( i.e., they are closed-minded). New Deal Liberals tend to be obsessed with fighting against developments that create new jobs and new industries while they seem rather inclined to recreate old jobs (even if they are obsolete) by fiat, even if that makes no economic sense. New Deal Liberals are afraid of innovation insofar as it threatens their otherwise happily complacent positions in the social stratum. New Deal Liberals tout the imports of technology ( e.g., embryonic stem cell research) only when they can contrive it for purposes that drive their real goals – i.e., uprooting traditional social mores, hence undermining the rule of law and bringing anarchy cum tyranny via totalitarian dictatorship of the proletariat.

You see, things like embryonic stem cell research (as opposed to non embryonic stem cell research) paves the way to creating drones in society to do the chores that people don’t want to do and for harvesting useful things like organs. Embryonic stem cell research paves the way to normalizing abortion, hence, murder – as long as that murder can be rationalized to suggest someone is not actually ‘human’ until a certain age ( e.g., 30 days out of the womb). Embryonic stem cell research paves the way for New Deal Liberals to reach their ultimate goal – i.e., to play God (more than they try to do now).


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