Closing the Race Gap (Jan 5, ’08)

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was on the news the other night talking about the big win for Obama in Iowa. He kept talking about ‘closing the race gap’ in education, housing, income, etc etc etc. Okay, sure that sounds all fine prima facie (on its face), but upon further examination, Jesse’s not saying that the race gap is due to anything other than inequality. So inequality is due to inequality. Sounds rather circular to me.

In fact, if ‘closing the race gap’ included the gap, not just in benefits, but also responsibility (e.g., number of their tribe’s children born out of wedlock, number of their nationality’s people engaging in lawlessness and reckless endangerment of the general welfare), then we would be speaking of something tangible. However, as it stands, the Rainbow Push Coalition’s theme, inasmuch as it is articulated by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, is nothing but a euphemism for getting even with whites. This is, in a word – mercenary and grasping.


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