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Some Misogynist Fun

When we in the West get down on our women, we do things like make fun of their driving skills or spatial awareness in general. That’s how we cope – with humor. I’m tired of every dirty, backward, ignorant foreigner calling America, and by extension, Americans – stupid, bigoted, etc. etc. etc. It’s high time the Third World started taking some pointers from us about culture and the way we operate because damnit, we have our fun and we have our tensions, too. But we deal with issues with civility. We make jokes and movies about things that frustrate us to break the ice.

Nobody’s perfect and I’m tired of everyone holding America up to some unreachable moral/legal/social/political/military/economic/environmental standard such that we get slighted by every knave and dolt with a background in the part of the world we here in the West show so much sensitivity toward. Our consideration is not a free pass to go around making ignorant, licentious, subversive, inappropriate, crass, mean-spirited, ugly, demented accusations ad hominem and straw man style about Americans – especially about Middle Americans and even more especially Southern white Christians! We are the nicest (and most powerful) group of people on the planet.

When people want to talk about Americans and our problems, consider the source? What do the Muslims have to say about American misogyny, for example? I hope nothing because not only do we have happy families (in my view), but when you compare the way Muslims treat women (e.g., no laws against rape, stoning for adultery, etc.) and the way Christians, and by extension, Americans (and Europe) treat women (e.g., VERY liberally), there is just no comparison. It is a difference between night and day, between human chattel (in the Islamic world) and partners in marriage (in the Christian world), with the man holding a 51% stake – according to most if not all Southern, mainline *white* Christians.

Sure, we may lose the next POTUS election, but guess what, we still have more pull than any other faction or body of people on the ENTIRE planet in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

That’s my mind and I’m stickin to it. Enjoy:


Dubai – Medieval and Modern

A vid about Middle-Eastern rapists in Dubai and selectively applied laws to foreigners, but not citizens (prosecuting victims of rape for various charges – e.g., provocation, homosexuality).

If the vid doesn’t work, click this link (I think the author disabled embedded): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbJGh4LF5fE 

These people compress the seventh century into the twenty-first. In the West, we should do a LOT more research on [all Islamic] societies and regard these people in like manner to how they regard foreigners in their own lands. Blind faith in the morality of ‘tolerance’ is a stumbling block. Indeed, the consequence of ignorance leads us further to the edge of a precipice, over which we will take a nosedive and impose ruthlessness on ourselves once we find out just how much control we’ve lost over our society. In the words, part of which I’ve already borrowed of Newt G, the people who care about civil liberties ought to be thinking real hard about what’s next and what steps to take.