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Irish Terrorism – A Lesson for White America Fighting Islamic Extremism

White Christian American society could not possibly hope to understand the innards of terrorist causes in order to protect itself from the same except to look towards its own roots – namely, places such as the UK. There is no surer signal than this we could possibly have to provide us with direction for our fight against pernicious islam (among other fascist/jingoist/nativist strains of malignant, anti-tolerant, radical particularist forces).  

To be sure, Islam is a religion and it isn’t necessarily peculiar to any race, so the issue of ‘white’ america is somewhat of an anomaly, except for the fact that it is incontestible that certain parts of the world are more developed in their respective political/econ/social/religious/military ideology than others and likewise, certain parts of the globe do correspond to various ethnicities.

Whether academics like it or not, people do not mix themselves together irrespective of nationality except by exogenous influences. The point being: Islamism is largely a racist force against America and Europe at this point. However, there are converts to Islam from the white European-descended ethnicity, such as the following KKK member (who suggests he doesn’t have to change any of his ways in order to take part in this hitleresque dogma):

Moreover, I made comments in an email regarding the angry war between Israel and Palestine during the summer of ’06 which alluded to Muslims taking developments during the Cold War as a signal from God regarding their purposes of pursuing what amounts to a ‘[reignition of] the flame of medieval crusade’. When I said that, I didn’t really consider it to be fully implicating our true situation in the world, but as time moves on things become clearer…


Crazy black racist man

Ahh the legacy of civil rights – 

Half-baked baby boomers defanged by their own PC jargon – white man sits sheepishly by while crazy black man dresses down a gaggle of folks