THE BLACKENING OF AMERICA (excerpts from an anti-Obama email)

by Luis Brau-Cebrian  

“America’s youth’s new craze for all things black ( even their attire ) may yet elect an incompetent and unqualified black man to the office of President of the United States.

“[…] Young whites today have adopted with vigorous enthusiasm all the mores, clothing, social behavior, musical t rends and speech patterns of the denizens of inner city ghettos. it is now ‘very cool’ and ‘amazing’ for teen age kids to have black love interests, to have teen age pregnancies ( from black, uneducated, unemployed drug-using or drug-pushing paramours).

“Kids are drawn toward the ghetto-dwelling lower classes by television, Hollywood and Madison Avenue advertising , the once unthinkable is happening. characters like Snoop Dog, and Puff Daddy are now legit, once any father’s nightmare, is now a marriage prospect for their daughter. a criminal record is an excusable
part of the boyfriend’s resume. they are, after all, underprivileged! white heroes and role models have been replaced by black ones of dubious credentials.

“The more strident and grotesque the music, the filthier the lyrics, the more blatantly erotic and prurient the dance moves, the more they like it. the level of education in America has plummeted uncontrollably. there are even proposals by some black legislators to pay students, as a motivation, to improve grades in school! incredible, but true. kids being payed to pass courses.

“This is not integration, but capitulation, the voluntary and fawning surrender of one race to another. astonishing! an effect brought about by the collective guilt inculcated into modern American whites for some of their ancestors once having had slaves.

“The levels of teen age pregnancies and addiction have skyrocketed, and the world looks on in horror, apprehension, and fear as the most powerful nation in the world, the standard of the world’s economy, plans to elect an inexperienced black, former Muslim, as the leader of the free world.

“[…] We have become collectively crazed by political correctness. and guilt.

“[…] Racism is the new aegis used to protect the simply vulgar or mediocre, racism is the accusation 
fear and preying on white guilt drives Obama’s campaign. and Oprah’s money.”


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