Torching Beijing (IBD)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hillary’s idea that Bush should abstain from the opening ceremonies in Beijing is a good one, in my humble opinion.



Torching Beijing

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Tuesday, April 08, 2008 4:20 PM PT

The Olympics: San Francisco’s bridge protesters never served much purpose in the past, but their disruptions of the Olympic torch relay are different. As China refuses to lighten up on Tibet, it deserves these furies.

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It started on Sunday in London. Angry protestors managed to get close to the Olympic torch and douse it with water to protest China’s crackdown on Tibet.

Moving on to Paris Monday, street mobs intercepted the torch-passing to send the same message. In the City of Light, the torch ended up getting snuffed out and loaded ignominiously onto a bus.

More Tibet protests are expected in days ahead, enough that the International Olympic Committee is considering scrapping the symbolic opening act of the Olympics altogether. But not before San Francisco’s bridge danglers in all their bannered glory disrupted the relay in the biggest protest show of all.

Most of us can do without street-theater of this kind. But this chain-reaction protest is rather different.

The spontaneous global interruption of the Olympic relay, by hordes of uncontrolled people, shows signs of infuriating and shaming Beijing even as it tried to argue against anyone boycotting its Opening Ceremonies.

It shows a pent-up frustration that’s got to come out. It also shows that such protests are having an effect on a country that’s usually oblivious to such demonstrations.

Even as China covets global recognition as an Olympic sponsor, the communist regime’s rule is characterized by bullying and oppression, solely to force people to quiet down. It refuses to tolerate dissent, and it declines to extend safeguards of citizen rights.

This is why it can easily slide into the kind of brutality seen in Tibet. But it’s out on the world stage now, where the same actions only invite visible protest specters that Beijing abhors. But it cannot stop.

Facing the biggest humiliation probably any Olympic sponsor has ever suffered, these protests will define China’s Olympics for the history books. But they wouldn’t be happening if China hadn’t tried to silence Tibet first, thinking such behavior couldn’t set off reactions as far as Paris and San Francisco.

Maybe that’s what Beijing has to learn as it steps out on the world stage in global events like the Olympics. Either it respects the rights of its citizens or, in its quest for global recognition, all it gets are hippies dangling from assorted global bridges.



One response to “Torching Beijing (IBD)

  1. China is now being blackmailed on this stupid game. I am just glad that China does not give in to the threat.

    China will be stronger and more confident after this.

    Proud to be Chinese!

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