Current Events and ’08 Election Checklist

News of the TX polygamy sect is a Red Herring to distract attention away from the brainwashing in our very own taxpayer funded Madrassas. What is more of a threat to national security, Islamic institutions promoting unvarnished antipathy toward the West, or some hermitic Quakerish people with a distorted view of Christianity? In order to answer this question, one must ask oneself firstly, “How many Quakers have terrorized Western civ and how many Muslims have done the same? 

On that note:  If McCain gets the election nod, the Iranian regime is now in the process of digging its own grave. A Republican victory in 2008 will send a strong signal to the rest of the world that we’re not going to take transcendentalist terrorism sitting down. Sanctimonious preacher men like Martin Luther King, Jr. may have snookered a vacuous baby boom cult and helped to hijack American culture for multiple decades, sending ripple effects across the globe. However, the consequences of the multicultural disease vector, a byproduct of a liberal project gone mad, importing trouble from all parts of the globe, has calloused the hearts of erstwhile idealists, thereby earning significant pushback from the same.

This POTUS election cycle, like Hurricane Katrina, has been analogous to turning lights on in a cheap apartment and watching cockroaches scatter. We need to clean up our own house and the time is now. We are facing our foes more directly in the face than ever before and now it’s our opportunity to show the world what we’re made of. Will we be cowed by hypocritical personal attacks from our enemies or will we stand strong in truth and good character, in longsuffering and personal as well as collective faith? Our problems as a nation are our own, but not every one of our citizens’ or our aliens’ problems is our fault.

It is time to halt with the sanctimonious self-flagellation and confront the bitter, supercilious rhetoric of radical particularism.

The following is a burgeoning checklist to see where you stand on the issues (from my view). It can be amended; I can put it into mydocs on Google or in MSFT Livewindows and you can edit this as you please. Just let me know and I’ll post a link.

Vote Democrat to:

1.    be a dhimmy and subsidize Muslim charter schools; encourage plenty of Islamic immigration while denying basic rights memorialized in the American founding documents to Christians

2.    dragoon white heterosexual Christian men by every hate-filled liberal, anti-traditionalist orthodoxy

3.    raise high the red flag of Socialism and raise taxes, thereby sending the economy over a cliff

4.    nationalize health care and every other industry because the free market is ‘unfair’ since there is opportunity to both win and – gasp – lose. By the same token, allow the bureaucrats to take away the freedom inherent in the free market and receive kickbacks from monopoly profits for themselves

5.    have ‘free’ public services that you can wait in a multiple-day Russian breadline for, regardless of your place in the social hierarchy because that’s fair!

6.    Promote and subsidize abortion on  demand in the name of freedom, meanwhile condemning national defense via accusations of ‘baby killing’ (a la Jane Fonda in Vietnam) – ohh the irony!

7.    Censor free speech that is deemed racist against nonwhites but advocate racist and sexist ideas against white men in public schools

8.    Disallow bible and prayer in public schools while indoctrinating sex education and atheism

Vote Republican to:

1.    confront [if not attack] Iran, the main state sponsor of terror in the Mid-East

2.    stop affirmative action and put the ingrate crazies back in their place

3.    keep taxes low and allow hard working people who obey the laws and take care of their business to receive the just fruits of their respective labors

4.    stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country

5.    keep a security presence in Mesopotamia for as long as necessary to pre-empt terrorists from securing a command and control base there [which they will otherwise do] in order to stage future attacks on the West

6.    continue to build healthy economic relations with our allies like Columbia via free trade

7.    promote family values, including preservation of our religious and free speech liberties as well as the amendments which respect private property, personal privacy and the right to use lethal force in the aim of self-defense

8.    promote teaching of the controversies surrounding the nation’s major issues in public schools to render our children more well-adjusted (e.g., origin of life, racism, sexism, slavery, imperialism/colonialism, politics, economics, etc.) rather than propagandizing left-wing views via the Department of Education run by the Black Panther party

a.     Better yet – defund the Department of Education and localize control over public schools; get rid of bussing and give parents more control over the curriculum meanwhile setting baseline national standards for consistency


“Men of intemperate mind can never be free; their passions forge their fetters.” – Edmund Burke


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