FW: Voting for a president

From a friend of a friend-

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 15:55:39 +0100


My [Grecian] friend says:

> An American friend sent the following:
> After long and serious thought, I have decided to endorse Senator John
> McCain for President.
> I have always voted for the person and have not voted for anyone because
> some political party was telling me who I should vote for.
> We all know the choices by now and, that said, I do believe that the
> process
> of selecting a chief executive is deeply flawed.  The words ‘money’ and
> ‘special interests’ come to mind, among many others.
> Here’s the way I see it:
> Barack Obama,  you are a fine public speaker.  You are also an extremely
> liberal Senator from the State of Illinois, which has a long and rich
> history of political corruption of the first magnitude.  You are indeed a
> child of that system.
> You have finally insulted my intelligence far beyond my capacity to
> tolerate
> your insults.  It has nothing at all to do with your skin color. As a
> matter
> of fact, it would be so COOL to finally have an African-American for
> President.  What a great statement that would be to the entire world that
> we
> are indeed the greatest country on earth !  But, unfortunately, General
> Colin Powell is not running, and YOU are NOT the man for this job !
> Barack baby, you want me to believe that you have never heard the sermons
> of
> your own pastor, the Right Reverend ‘God Damn America’ Jeremiah Wright? It
> is a matter of record that this has been your church for over 20 years. It
> is a matter of record that you were married there by this very pastor, and
> that your children were baptized there.  The good Reverend saw fit to
> visit
> Khadafy in Libya with you and to give a lifetime achievement award to
> Louis
> Farrakhan, of all people.  We have all now seen excerpts of his sermons
> all
> over the airwaves by now.  And you have publicly stated that this man IS
> your ‘spiritual mentor’.
> BUT, your pastor is NOT the reason I am NOT voting for you.  His words
> were
> disturbing enough, but it is your own HUGE church congregation, seen
> jumping, hooting and howling to his words in the background that disturb
> me
> the most.  And please don’t tell me you attended church there and never
> once
> heard a ‘discouraging word’ in the 20 years you attended there. Don’t tell
> me, that in addition to the good reverend, that you are now not having
> anything to do with all those other people seen hooting and howling out in
> the audience in the background of his fiery tirades.
> Even Oprah Winfrey got disgusted and walked out.  I am no Oprah fan, but
> still she did the right thing.
> Now YOU look me in the eye and ask me to believe that you never heard such
> language in all the years you attended there !  This is like me telling
> you
> that I attended dozens of Klan rallies and never once heard the ‘N’ word.
> Yep.  And Bill Clinton ‘did not inhale’.
> Yes, Mr. Obama, we all have friends who have said stupid things that
> embarrassed us, but NOW you have asked me to believe something that is so
> incredibly stupid that you are telling me that I am just stupid enough to
> believe you.  THAT is the main reason that I will never vote for you.  I
> am
> deeply sorry, that in a county teeming with enormously talented African
> Americans who would make a good President, that the political system has
> chosen YOU.  You are a pathetic and plastic excuse for an American, who
> will
> not even salute the Flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.  God forbid you
> ever get near the Oval Office.
> Now, did I mention Bill Clinton ?
> AH YES !   This brings us to MRS. WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON, who this
> candidate really is, in spite of all the other names she may care to call
> herself.  This ‘feminist’ piece of work of course would like to be
> referred
> to as MS. and we all know who wears the pant suit in that family.
> MS. Clinton, (sugar), it is just as depressing to realize that there are
> dozens of women who would also make great Presidents.  But, unfortunately,
> the horrible state of the selection process has selected YOU.  Ms.
> Clinton,
> I’m sorry, but you could not tell the truth even if we water boarded you.
> Still you play the role of the ’embarrassed but dignified noble wife’.
> What
> utter malarkey !  I am not voting for you for a world of reasons, but the
> main one is the same as not my voting for Senator Obama.  You persistently
> insult my intelligence.  It COULD be conceivably possible that you did not
> know about Monica Lewinsky,  extremely remote, but possible if we stretch
> our imaginations a bit.  But you turn around and then ask me to believe
> that
> you also did not know about Paula Jones and the legion of other women who
> were chewed up and spit out by your lecherous excuse for a husband.
> Puleese
> turn off this broken record !!!
> But let’s set aside your hubby’s flagrant peccadilloes.  The real reason I
> will never vote for you is that I don’t think the country can survive
> MORE YEARS of Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Sandy Berger stuffing his
> socks with classified intelligence, Janet Reno’s goon squad, and the
> myriad
> other corruptions that seem to stick to you like your ugly face.  So our
> former President can’t keep his #@$* in his pants.  The REAL issue is that
> he committed perjury under oath when he lied about it and the
> pathetically-attempted cover-up that followed.  Like you, he is totally
> incapable of telling the truth.  He could not do it if you tortured him,
> and
> in voting for you, we would get the BOTH of you, all over again.  The same
> folks who could have taken out Osama Bin Laden over 3,000 dead Americans
> ago
> !
> And please stop telling me that you have ‘8 years of experience’ to lead
> us.
> You were the freakin’ first lady already, not the Commander in Chief. Jeez
> !
> The sum of your ‘experience’ is that of the most worrisome and incompetent
> meddling in the history of the White House.  You even cursed your pitiful
> staff and the Secret Service agents who were and still are unfortunately
> charged with risking their lives to protect your worthless, thieving hide,
> and all at the expense of other people who have to work for a living.
> Your single pathetic platform is to finance the illegal drugs, alcoholism
> and bad habits of the very lowest and most irresponsible freeloaders in
> America and to then ‘garnish the wages’ (your own words) of every
> law-abiding and hard-working American to pay for it.  This disaster you
> refer to as ‘Universal Health Care’.  Where have you been the last 30
> years
> ?  Did you not see that socialism is a failure wherever it has been tried
> ?
> Did you not notice that the Soviet Union has collapsed since it gave no
> reward to those who worked the hardest for the fruits of their own labors
> to
> pay for those who will not ??
> It is interesting to see all the dead bodies that you and your hubby have
> left in your wake.  Suicides, mysterious deaths, cover-ups that make
> Richard
> Nixon look like a rank amateur.  The utter contempt and unbelievable
> arrogance of some of your strongest supporters, most notably the recently
> resigned and disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer, the epitome of hypocritical
> and malevolent arrogance gone wild, one of your most ardent, wealthy and
> powerful political supporters.  A man the news media refuses to admit IS a
> ‘super delegate’ in your own political machine, a fine example of your own
> ‘adopted’ state of New York.  No wonder you moved there to run for Senator
> !
> The environment there is perfect for the likes of you !
> Yes,  I would vote for a woman, but I will NOT vote for YOU !
> Which leaves us with Senator John McCain.
> John, you are a flawed man.  You are a bit old, a bit loony, and you have
> a
> notoriously bad temper. This perfectly qualifies you, in my humble
> opinion,
> to lead us for the next eight years.  I WANT your trembling hand on the
> nuclear button.
> Think about it.
> We have Kim Jong IL, Chavez and Ahmadenijad all running around like
> lunatics, threatening America and threatening to plunge the world into
> nuclear Armageddon.  We have Putin and the Chinese blustering and rattling
> their sabers at us.  I want John McCain in the Oval Office and I want him
> to
> be really $#@&*# off at all these other nut jobs around the planet.
> John, once you are elected, I want you to go into the Oval Office and
> throw
> one of your perfect FITS.  Jump up and down and throw something through a
> plate glass window.  Rip the drapes down and foam at the mouth a bit.  And
> I
> want the whole thing on camera so that Ahmadinejad can see it. I want ALL
> of
> these ‘world leaders’ to lay awake at night and to break out in a cold
> sweat
> every time they think of messing with the United States of America.
> I want the nuclear button sitting right next to the alarm clock on your
> night stand.  I want pictures of this to be sent to Iran, Russia, China,
> Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, and those other assholes in the
> sheets, the Saudis.
> On the domestic front, poor John did try and reach across the aisle to the
> opposition in a desperate effort to compromise and to get the Congress to
> do
> something.  You may not agree with his efforts, but at least he TRIED. For
> all his efforts, all he got handed to him was his head in a basket. The
> liberals are $#@&*# at him and the conservatives are $#@&*# at him. Just
> my
> kinda guy.
> I predict that John will select Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate.
> Good choice.  I want a Jew whose memory of the Holocaust is still fresh in
> his mind and who is royally $#@&*# off at all of these towel-headed morons
> in the Middle East to be the next in line if something should happen to
> John.  Shalom, Vice President Joe.  One heartbeat from the Oval Office.
> Finally, John McCain knows on a most personal level what it is to suffer
> horrible torture for years and to see others die, right in front of you,
> for
> their love of America.  When you ask him about it, he will tell you that
> what he did was ‘nothing special’.  Even more incredibly, he states that
> American who truly loves his country would do exactly the same as he did
> in
> that situation.  You and I will have a hard time believing that, but the
> real point is that John McCain believes that about the ‘average American’,
> and that, dear friends and neighbors, is why I will cast my one poor
> ballot
> on election day for John McCain–warts and all.
> God Bless America,
> A Concerned Citizen.

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