Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday Interview with Obama

My reaction to the Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday Interview with Obama is thus:

Obama passes the [scratch and] sniff test with flying colors; he is well-polished and statesmanlike. However, his positions are anything but conciliatory. Insofar as the issues he is a hard leftist. In order to explain away those divisive positions, Obama pursues an oratorical stratagem consisting of tall tales and circular rationale (e.g., moral equivalence). He is a master of sophistry.

To underscore the point, in one instance, when asked to justify his decision on voting against the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts, Obama said that, although he voted against the nomination, he ‘vehemently defended’ the individual amongst various left-wing loons on the Daily Kos blog site.

Furthermore, Obama gave virtually the same answers to questions regarding abortion, war, taxes and the like.

There is a strong racial component to Obama’s campaign, one that is carried on, in the words of [one of Bill O’Reilly’s guests with a Ph.D I don’t know his name], ‘in subterranean fashion; it is very inferential.’ To the fact that 97% of blacks in Pennsylvania voted for Obama, the self-same Ph.D suggests that when black people vote for a black over a white, it’s ‘racial,’ but when whites vote for a white over a black, it’s ‘racist.’

The difference, this Afro-American suggests, is that when blacks vote monolithically [for a black over a white], it is somehow noble, but that in reverse [i.e., when whites vote for a white over a black], it is ignoble. Therefore, according to this logic, it is ignoble to support a white over a black – across the board. Ergo, it is a morally superior thing to support black people over white people. In other words, black people’s interests and values, according to this view, are more important than white people’s interests and values. Therefore, black people are better than whites. Therefore blacks must empower themselves over whites and whites must assist blacks in empowering themselves over [whites]. Therefore, whites must subjugate themselves to blacks. Therefore, blacks must be whites’ masters.

 To the question of NC being a state with a high percentage of blacks, and therefore, of Clinton having little if any chance of winning in that state (versus a black opponent), the aforesaid principle, according to the aforesaid view, must be said to apply [in like manner].


3 responses to “Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday Interview with Obama

  1. uhhh…you talk too much

  2. Probably more blacks fit your definition of racist than do whites in how they voted for Obama and Clinton, and who’s to say that racist voting is morally wrong?

    Nobody’s being persecuted here and specious reasoning — assuming that’s what racist voting is — in casting one’s vote is not a sin.

    Moreover, were either Obama or Clinton a moron or guilty of some gross moral turpitude, I suggest the moron or morally repugnant one would not get many votes, no matter his or her skin hue or gender. That is to say, each of these candidates is intellecutally and morally worthy of the votes they get, quite aside from racial factors and the weight those carry in the mind of the greater or lesser part of those voting for either.

  3. i’m inclined to agree with that statement

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