Wesley Snipes Sentenced to 36 Months-Long Prison Term By FL Judge (WSJ Lawblog)

This just in: Actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced earlier today to 36 months in prison by a Florida judge. Snipes was convicted in February on three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file tax returns, though he was acquitted on two larger felony counts. Here’s an account from the Orlando Sentinel. Click here, here and here for earlier posts on the Passenger 57 star and his tax troubles.
According to the Sentinel, defense lawyers reportedly submitted 39 pages of testimonials on behalf of the movie star — a list that included not only show-business figures but also high-school friends, acquaintances and employees, including his tailor and driver.
Defense lawyers had urged Snipes receive probation. Federal prosecutors had asked for three years.


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One response to “Wesley Snipes Sentenced to 36 Months-Long Prison Term By FL Judge (WSJ Lawblog)

  1. Poor Wesley, lol. According to my fellow Highbrid Nation blogger Juan, Wesley cut 15 million dollars in checks hoping to get a little mercy from the court but got nothing but the book thrown at him. Guess we won’t be seeing a Blade 4 anytime soon. Though I feel bad that his sentence was so harsh, I also feel like if I have to pay taxes then so does he.

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