Glenn Beck Interviews Senator McCain

Glenn: Senator McCain, how are you sir?

Senator McCain: How are you, Glenn, you old jerk? So glad to talk to you today.

Glenn: Now, see, I don’t think that’s necessary. I don’t like the way you started.

Senator McCain: Listen, you are the most candid and nonsugarcoating advocate for America that probably I have ever heard and I enjoy every minute of it, even when on occasion your remarks are turned in a less than flattering way in my direction and thanks for having me on your show. You do a great job, both on radio and television.

Glenn: You know, sir, I have to tell you, the one thing I do appreciate about you is you do call them as you see them and so we’re even on that and I think that’s great.

Senator McCain: Well, we have that in common. Go ahead, my friend.

Glenn: Let me just start here with your health care proposal. I haven’t read the whole thing yet; but from what I’ve seen, it’s the only one that’s — it’s the only one that’s not socialist. And so that’s really good. It seemed to be based in the free market. Can you explain?

Senator McCain: Sure. I want to give — one of the real important aspects of this proposal is to give every American family a refundable $5,000 tax credit so that they can go out across state lines, which they can’t now, and get their health insurance policy of their choice. If they want to keep their employer-provided health plan that they have today, that’s fine; but I’d love to see them have a choice. And I think people compete and I think you could go online and find out which is the best policy that suits your family.

Glenn: Senator, I mean, I don’t know if you were listening to this old jerk, but I run a business — I run a business here in New York and you know as well as I do that 30 percent of this city is now on Medicaid because you can’t go outside of New York and compete and so companies are just saying, You know what? Let the government — and the government in this state is doing it intentionally.

Senator McCain: Oh, I agree with you. Listen, when you can only go to a certain limited market to get any good or service, then obviously then it distorts the market and you’re unable to have the choice in competition and it’s also, as you know, forcing more and more small business people, like yourself, to say to their employees, I’m sorry. I can’t provide you with health insurance. You’re going to have to find another way to do it or the next time you’re sick, go to the emergency room and — which, as we all know, Glenn, is the most expensive form of health care.
We’ve got to give a choice in competition. We’ve got to put medical records online. We’ve got to have walk-in clients. We’ve got to have community health centers. We’ve got to have outcome-based care for patients. We’ve got to have governors get together and the legislators and others and take care of those who are — have a plan to take care of those who are uninsurable, chronic disease, preexisting condition. There’s a whole lot of things, but we’ve got to base it on choice and competition as much as possible.


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