South Africa – Nowhere to run to (Video)


South Africans try to secure themselves by transforming their homes to virtual prisons. This did not prevent a father being shot and killed in cold blood by two black intruders, in front of his family, while pleading for the lives of his children in their own home.

Stories like these are not unusual in South Africa nowadays — when you live there, only the most sickening tales of violence make the news — and that on an almost daily basis. You are bombarded by bloodshed as part of everyday life.

South Africa’s homicide rate of 55/100 000 is the highest in the world, 10 times higher than that of the USA of 5/100 000.

Both black and white are victims. It is a fact, however, that it is a black government that is unable to deal with both the root causes of violent crime, and the criminals themselves. As is the case in the USA and UK, the perpetrators of these extremely violent crimes are almost always black.

I know these statements are politically incorrect, but it is time that black people assume responsibility for their own actions, and stop blaming others.

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  1. a path way leading to better tomorrows

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