It’s Not “If” O.J. Did It—It’s How (Book)

You may think you know the truth about O.J. Simpson and the murders that gripped a nation—but prepare to be shocked.
After twenty years as O.J.’s sports agent and trusted confidant, Mike Gilbert is breaking his silence, revealing what really happened that fateful night, and how he helped O.J. get away with the crime of the century.
How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret, and Remorse is unlike anything you’ve read before; Gilbert puts you into O.J.’s inner circle every step of the way—from the Bronco “chase” to the infamous trial to life after the murders.
Told with searing candor and palpable guilt, Gilbert reveals how O.J.’s closest friends and allies concocted elaborate cover-ups to help Simpson build a life without consequences. He divulges unknown stories and facts that even the media and O.J.’s former “Dream Team” don’t know, including:
O.J.’s late-night confession
How Gilbert was responsible for ensuring the infamous glove did not fit O.J.’s hand
How O.J. hides his money and assets to keep from paying the Goldman family
Why Gilbert defended O.J. for so long, and what finally convinced him to come clean—it has nothing to do with sympathy or “cashing in”
Brutally honest and achingly tragic, this book leaves no one’s reputation intact—not even Gilbert’s. But it casts a glaring light on how celebrity can corrupt, how justice can be manipulated, and how loyalty can be perverted. We watched the nightmare unfold, but Gilbert lived it—and he has the scars and memories to prove it.
“I want you to know what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. I want you to see us as real people. You are free to judge me however you wish….We all live in fear of the whole truth being told, because once it is, everybody’s ghosts start to come out. We are all guilty of something. I’ll start with myself—I am guilty of a whole lot. But you have to take the whole journey with me, not just tune in when the saga began for the rest of the country. While the public was watching this unfold, we were actually living it.”

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