Clintonian Political Economy

Hillary’s now screaming from her podium that during the Bill Clinton era the American economy boomed and the budget went into surplus. That this is dispositive evidence for the efficacy of straight-line, big government, tax raising, excessive litigation enabling liberalism.

This argument fails on two counts.

Firstly, it ignores positive and cumulative effects of past policies of previous presidents. Secondly, it ignores negative and cumulative effects of Clinton’s then current and now past policies.

In the first sense, Clinton’s policy of raising taxes on the vibrant, multidimensional, growing economy (post ’89 hiccup) was in effect increasing the income cache for federal government on the coattails of Reagan and Bush’s laurels. Of course raising taxes increases treasury income at least in the short term, but higher rates invariably disincent income earners, affecting a concomitant economic slowdown. This, in turn, adversely affects the conditions in which future policymakers must make decisions.

If you’ve read ‘Good To Great,’ Clinton would be, in the most liberal estimate (pardon the pun), a level 4 leader who inflates himself and the value of the organization in a present-tense fashion as opposed to a level five leader whose policies impute enduring strength to an organization.

And that’s apart from foreign policy weakness wherein Islamic radicals the world over were able to gain chokeholds in key areas of the globe while Clinton sat back and did nothing, the cumulative effects of which led to 9/11.


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