Why Affirmative Action is a Self-Defeating Proposition

Let me refer you to a definition of Jealousy: An intense interest for another’s honour or prosperity. The reason why Affirmative Action can never be successful in promoting the utopian leftist vision of perfect equality of condition is thus: any advantage gained due to material redistribution will be offset by a concomitant jealousy – namely, that of interest in another’s honor, which will invariably increase due to the offsetting advantage conferred upon the recipient of said advantage due to said policy of redistribution.

In short, an entitlement complex comes with the baggage of inferior self regard in juxtaposition to a superior regard of another, hence jealousy of another’s honor. Or in other words, redistribution of [material] advantage comes at the price of personal dignity. So if AA’s minions are willing to give up their dignity to sponge off of those who support the entitlements, then [said minions] shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t get respect from those on whom they sponge (as well as from each other since there is mutual understanding of a sponge culture, which breeds disaffection).

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