The Stupidest Man Alive: David Paul Kuhn (Brad DeLong)

Digby alerts us to David Paul Kuhn writing for the Stupidest Publication Alive, the Politico:
GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’: [M]any top GOP strategists believe [McCain] can defeat Barack Obama… by a margin exceeding President Bush’s Electoral College victory in 2004…. [T]hose same GOP strategists are reticent to publicly tout the prospect of a sizable McCain victory for fear of looking foolish…. [T]he thinking is that he could win by as many 50 electoral votes. By post-war election standards, that margin is unusually small. Yet it’s considerably larger than either Bush’s 2004 victory or his five-electoral-vote win in 2000…
I think we can stop there: a “margin [that] is unusually small” is not a “blowout.”
Duncan Black asks the natural question: “Is There Any Limit? I mean, is there any dictation that Politico won’t take down from Republicans? Is nothing too absurd for them to pass it on?” The answer is that there is not.


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