The DNC’s 1/2 Compromise (FL & MI)

The DNC’s argument cum [tentative?] decision to grant Florida and Michigan a proportion of their votes (e.g., half) based on the logic that people who don’t follow prescribed guidelines will only be partially represented in the electorate sounds eerily familiar. Oh yes, of course, it parallels the one granting blacks three-fifths of a vote and women none in the US Constitution.  

To that point, the Democrats’ fractures are systemic, in my opinion. I’ve made the following argument in many forums using iterations of the same theme – namely, that enfranchising dependents polarizes the political process.

The irony of the Democrats’ plight is that the veracity of this aforementioned premise is reflected by their virtually irreconcilable present state. That the ‘party of inclusion’ must change its tune in order to maintain order amidst chaos belies the reality behind feel-good rhetoric of anarchy cum despotism of the present left, which masquerades as the party of opportunity meanwhile locking away the skeletons in its own collective closet (e.g., Truman, the only POTUS with a Ph.D., instituted a policy of state-run racial segregation, FDR quarantined Japanese and Italians in prison camps because he felt their loyalty [to America] during a time of war was circumspect due to their race, David Duke and his cronies are Democrats, etc.). That the Democrats use the logic of our founders to reject complete and universal enfranchisement, which contradicts the premise that standards should not apply for enfranchisement – i.e., that it should be a universal right rather than a limited privilege.


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