HIV/AIDS: God’s Punishment on the Act of Homosexual Sodomy

This must be the least politically correct entry I’ve ever written on my blog, but today we’re going to throw homosexuals and blacks under the bus. HIV/AIDS is God’s punishment on the act of homosexual sodomy. Furthermore, when you consider that one out of every thirty-three black men is in prison today, this accounts for the disproportionate representation of this racial group carrying the virus.

While listening to an NPR show in Oakland in the car on my way to work in 2005, I heard the Rev. Jesse Jackson speak to this issue. He said that blacks are overrepresented as a race in both: prison populations and HIV/AIDS infections. To explain this phenomenon, he instructed that men in prison are having sex in order to establish power hierarchies, which provide order in their lives where there would otherwise be chaos among them. He said (and I’m paraphrasing now) that some people act like wild dogs and that they need to be put in line so they don’t terrorize the rest of the [community]. So these men get it up the ass.

He said these [black] men are having ‘prison sex, same sex, drug sex, rape sex […] and they are spreading it (HIV/AIDS).”

My inference here is that God punishes the weak willed. It is natural for men to be attracted to each other. This is self-evident. However, just *how* men are attracted to each other depends upon the nature of the person who is attracted. If the attractee (we’ll call it) is dissolute and thereby self-indulgent, he will go beyond a respectful and polite level of agreement and attraction on friendly terms with another man. That is where [and how] the line is drawn.  



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