Democracy in America – Supreme Court (Economist)

Jan, a Supreme Court correspondent, explains that, although Bush may receive a tough consideration from history, she claims that Bush pulled off a great feat in transforming the Supreme Court from liberal to conservative – but just barely. That the next POTUS will determine problably two and perhaps three subsequent replacements for Supreme Court vacancies. Justice John Paul Stevens is 92, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has cancer and David Souter is likely to retire.

The differing opinions between Obama and McCain regarding these appointments are thus:  Obama would like Justices to use ’empathy’ in making decisions, or make up rules as they go along to suit the situation. McCain, on the other hand, would have Justices act like umpires and set the onus on elected legislators to make the tough votes on social issues as they are directly accountable to their constituents.

All these Justices are liberal and the argument against liberal justices is that people don’t go to ball games to watch the umpire, essentially. Please consume the audio (link below) for further information.



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