Answers to Easy Questions (Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps New York Times Pitiful Embarrassment Department) (Brad DeLong)

Note: I am against torture. We don’t need to torture inmates or detainees to get information out of them. We don’t even need to touch them. The only reason cops do the tough talking and telephone books slapping stuff is because, by law, they only have a forty-eight hour window, so they have to get down to business with the interrogation and make use of every avenue they’ve got to get to the answers, which can be a tough job. Military personnel detaining war criminals, on the other hand, have got all the time they need. If you want someone to talk, you can be as sweet as a honeybee’s – uhm, honey. If you don’t feed the guy (or gal), he/she will tell you anything you want to know (and more). Therefore, there is no need to lay a finger on a detainee for any reason. The verdict on the torture issue is settled: case closed.


DeLong’s Blog Post: Marty Lederman asks:
Marty Lederman: Today’s New York Times story about the arraignment of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed concludes with this sentence: “C.I.A. officials have said that Mr. Mohammed was one of three detainees who were subjected to the simulated-drowning technique known as waterboarding during interrogation, which is described by some as torture.” If the Attorney General insisted that the sun rises in the west, would the New York Times treat it as a contested question?
Answer: Yes.
The New York Times death spiral continues.


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