Anti-2nd Amendment Lobby Rebuffed

Setting aside the fact that restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, among others (such as the first, fourth and fifth) will not hold in a conservative American court, the anti-2nd Amendment lobby’s argument [that guns are an intrinsic threat to society] is belied by conditions in Britain, arguably one of the most properly socialized places in all of Europe in that knife crime is a pervasive phenomenon there, especially in Muslim communities which are de facto segregated from the rest of white Britain. This anti-social barrier is reinforced by heavy criminal elements in said Muslim communities where non-Muslims (mostly people who aren’t Arab – e.g., whites) fear to tread. Thus, xenophobic sentiment is palpable in modern Britain.

But guns do not cause this anti-social barrier between people or even put the society at more risk. Arguably, if conceal carry permits were available, there would be less violent incidents (by principle of deterrence).  

The argument, therefore, that guns are inherently anti-social is belied by the aforementioned facts. If people would like to compare American liberties against the rest of the world, they should at least try and find out, to understand what is going on in other parts of the world. If they did, [liberals who argue in a vacuum] would not be given a free pass on their straw men fallacies.


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