Severed Mexican Heads (Drug Gangs and Immigration)

Mexican Drug gang sends a message to people not to cooperate with police or US Border Agents


31 responses to “Severed Mexican Heads (Drug Gangs and Immigration)

  1. wtf omg is dat real?


  2. HAHAHA. Ofcourse it is real, what do you think gangs do?
    Bake cookies and read children bed-time stories, please, go finish watching MTV and living your shelterd life.

    • Shut the fuck up dude. just because someone is asking if its real, doesn’t mean they live a sheltered life.

      Maybe they just don’t get a sick/twisted kick out of seeing it.

  3. parlan
    no need to be a smart arse

  4. i think this is horrible but is things we have to live with due to gangs……..sry ppl its wat they do….ha haha hahahahahaha ha haha

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. damn they belonged to sur X3

  7. жесть

  8. hahaha am gangs to but not do that actualy my gang do something better like pray to the god heheheheheheh we not do what they do

  9. mmmm sexy heads.

  10. chek this up it´s real I´d up load this from a newspaper, you people in US must to push to the congres to stop selling firearms, cause thouse arms came to Mexico and are used for killing people and after that the bodies are splitup in parts, so sad, most drougs are send to US so don´t use that shit.

  11. lol im use to this stuff im part of the bloods iv ben hood to hood from canada to the us its all the same shit lol i witnesed shit like this but no snitching this is life

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  13. dnt mess with tha mexican cartels hence the chopped domes haha

  14. Yes, but some of us enjoy the sarcasm.

  15. All these wetbacks wanted to do is get a-head LOL

  16. thats the most horrible thing i have ever seen


  18. if americans and a bunch of other stupid people stopped abusing drugs, there wouldn’t be drug cartels or even the drug business in this impure world.. and those people with the heads chopped off? well, they might have even lived …

  19. this is real its happenin by a town i live in its scary (i em in o’side but i usually em in mexico)

  20. yeah its what some gangs do but that doesnt make it funny adrianna. people that do this deserve a long painfull death. this is stupid and its over nothing but drugs and laundering.. a bunch of people who need to get lives

  21. hahahahahahahahaha that wat those motha fukers get

  22. No more indigestion huh?

  23. Thats What You Get Mind Ya Buisness n Let Them Deal There Drugs…..

  24. Its a horrible thing what us humans are capable of

  25. Gotta love the mexicans

  26. I don’t think this type of behavior is anything to laugh about and shouldn’t be posted all over the Internet for all to see those were people to and should be respected,and this type of behavior should be dealt with

  27. the mexican

  28. See what happens when u snitch!!!!!! Keep ur mouth CLOSE!!!!!!! And mind ur fucking BUSINESS!!!!!!! Enough said.

  29. that ain’t nothing, this is sick (viewers discretion advised)

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