Sandinista Takeover

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, June 12, 2008 4:20 PM PT

United Nations: It’s said that the U.N. is only as good as its members. But putting a Nicaraguan dinosaur communist at the presidency of the General Assembly takes it all a step lower. Already, the America-bashing is back.

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Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, Nicaragua’s foreign minister until his Marxist Sandinista party was booted in 1990, has now got a new gig leading the U.N. General Assembly.

Oh, lucky us. A Maryknoll priest of the old liberation theology school, the 75-year-old rifle-and-cassock radical is famous for taking the U.S. to the International Court of Justice in The Hague in 1986 over President Reagan’s arming of Contra freedom fighters resisting d’Escoto’s Cuban-style forced communism. His politics discredited, he ought to be out on his ear with his class-warfare philosophy expiring in the ashcan of history.

Instead, the three-way election in Nicaragua in 2006 brought back ex-Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega and d’Escoto with him.

Already, d’Escoto’s started fulminating against America.

He’s blasted “acts of aggression, such as those occurring in Afghanistan and Iraq,” in a clear shot at the U.S.

“The behavior of some member states has caused the United Nations to lose credibility as an organization capable of putting an end to war and eradicating extreme poverty from our planet,” he intoned at his acceptance speech.

Come September, d’Escoto will dish out more of this as leader of the 192-member General Assembly, whose nonbinding resolutions give big megaphones to anti-American windbags. Despite his protestations to the contrary, his entry into this position through the muscling actions of Venezuela’s wannabe U.N. Security Council member Hugo Chavez assures that d’Escoto will turn it into a U.N. that blames America first.

D’Escoto also will control the U.N. budget, much of which is funded by the U.S. We can look forward to seeing that managed as a Marxist manages money, and in the name of “eradicating hunger and poverty” he’ll seek “redistribution” of income — ours.

D’Escoto says he’s got big plans to “democratize” the Security Council, to end its “subjugation” of states. Otherwise, “the world could not be saved and would continue to sink into the morass of selfishness, individualism and indifference that has led some to spend lavishly on luxury items and wars.”

D’Escoto promises he won’t attack the U.S. but already has broken his word with his oblique assaults, and is likely to dish out more.

The mess he makes should underscore that the U.N. is a broken, discredited system that needs replacement with a league of democracies, as Sen. John McCain has called for. Nothing stands to accelerate that idea better than a year’s worth of Miguel d’Escoto.



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