Politics on Autopilot

I have to admit I’m not very inspired by our choices for POTUS in ’08, but I am motivated to vote by two things: 1. Fear and 2. Resentment.

I will vote McCain in November because:  1. I fear what an Obama Presidency will mean for this nation and for my future. 2. I resent the great and seemingly ever-increasing political pressure applied by the p.c. tools surrounding me.

It is beyond question that an Obama Presidency would result in two particularly noteworthy things: 1. A miscegenation explosion. 2. A great expansion of the powers of the federal government.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide the merits of either of these outcomes.

At any rate, this election is not about the issues (as stated or implied). It’s about what Baby Boomers think they can get away with. They think if they can use Red Herrings like environmentalism and Iraq and appeals to pathos such as using people without healthcare in America (oh yea, many of those are not citizens!) as pawns to lobby for Socialized medicine – because people really want to go to Europe or the Third World or Canada to see a doctor – they can avoid or derail any discussion about the unfunded entitlements crises with supercilious mocking or simply, hystrionics.

Ask nearly any Baby Boomer and they (sorry bad grammar) will tell you that they don’t have to deal with the fact that Medicare and Social Security can’t pay for themselves because they’ve paid into these programs their whole lives and they deserve their returns for the same. Unfortunately, the fact that Social Security is a ponzi scheme which will bankrupt my generation and reduce America to a second rate power before I become a grandfather is of no import to the Baby Boomers because they can’t be troubled with such minutia.

But this election is not about government budgets either. In fact, the one thing we never talk about in American politics is what [secretly] drives most if not all of our political decisions. The jobs market. Liberals want to enforce Affirmative Action, to seize power and oppress, vex and humiliate the white man into servile compliance, mocking and provoking him every step of the way. Conservatives want to be left alone to truck barter and trade – i.e., to get on with it.

Liberals want to make government bigger, bleed the white man dry (to take everything including his dignity – nothing is sacred) and enforce rules of political correctness (white compliance). Conservatives want to make government smaller and increase personal freedoms and thereby collective prosperity. I can’t think of much more to say on this matter without [caterwauling].

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