Politics – ’08 Election (Just Giving It Away)

The right’s response to 9/11 was Iraq. The left’s response to 9/11 is Barack Obama. Need I say more? The financial crisis is one of confidence; the solvent for our present malaise is merely increased due diligence on future initiatives (e.g., conservative capital budgeting decisions). The government should continue to guarantee lines of credit.

The next four years is goinng to be rough; we will be set back even further than we were in the sixties.

3 responses to “Politics – ’08 Election (Just Giving It Away)

  1. The right’s response to 9/11 was Iraq. The left’s response to 9/11 is Barack Obama. Need I say more?

    That’s a very succinct way of putting it.

  2. averageuscitizen

    “The right’s response to 9/11 was Iraq. The left’s response to 9/11 is Barack Obama. Need I say more?”

    Yes, you should say more.

    In my view, the world’s response to 9/11 was Afghanistan. We blew off the world’s support to pursue an ill thought out and completely irresponsible regime change pipe dream.

    I have to agree that the next four years, at least, are going to be rough. I don’t think you would find any sane person who would argue that we are heading into nirvana anytime soon.

    Not quite sure what you mean by being set back even further than the sixties though. In my view, I think that we may move forward in a very positive way. I think that many people have either come to the conclusion, or soon will, that living in debt and over-consumerism has gotten way out of hand. Slow steady long term growth is probably the more responsible way to view the economy instead of this quarter to quarter scramble for profits.

    Looking forward 20 years instead of 6 months will lead to major discoveries in technology, economics, policy decisions and personal responsibility.

  3. Bush’s regime change idea spurned from his family’s history with the CIA and with the top Executive office, not to mention with Al Qaeda, among other extremist Muslim groups in the Mid-East. I’m not saying I agree with it, but the left’s attacks have been of procedure, not substance. That being said, I’ve not heard one alternative to Iraq to keep our country safe – save the election of a black pseudo muslim with deep ties to terrorists and sympathizers of the same.

    With further regulation of the free market we’ll see increased regulation of our civil liberties (e.g., freedom of speech). Take for instance, the notion that whatever disturbs the left-mob is branded as ‘hate’ and is dubbed illegal. This is no different from the state church of England branding its critics ‘blasphemers’ in the early modern period when people were jailed and worse for dissent.

    The problem here is that people are reactionary – on both sides of the isle. That we cannot keep a functioning Republic in the midst of the ignorant. Democracies require: a) a vibrant middle class and b) an educated populace. We are the richest nation in the history of the world and it is cheaper – dollar for dollar – to live in the United States than in any other nation in the world. Moreover, elites among the nations come to America for higher education. We are not poor; neither are we dumb. However, we lack proper moral restraint and we’ve taken our prosperity for granted.

    Journalistic agitation in the form of class warfare and race demagoguery has damaged social cohesion and socialites who want a pill to fix all their problems are looking for a way out. Barack Obama is the left’s pill. Now that he is elected, the only things that are going to change are: 1. There will be an increase in crime and the expectations of the same. In turn, our social standards will fall further. 2. There will be an increase in corruption due to the socialist policies forthcoming in government and the economy. In turn, I predict that white [men] will be treated even more dispicably than they are now.

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