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Obama’s Black Ambition

If Barack Obama is running on the platform of being black, then he should lose unless the electorate cows in fear meanwhile justifying their own capitulation by hypocritical accusations (e.g., against conservatives for resisting miscegenation). An economist article suggested that American whites are less racist than they used to be (like in the fifties) because whites have had a seven-fold increase in the proportion of interracial children. This argument infers that whites are racist if they don’t intermarry and that whites are therefore racist by virtue of their skin color. Notwithstanding the fact that this is a racist argument, it leads unambiguously to the conclusion that whites are criminal (because it is a crime to be racist).  Don’t you like how the devil turns things upside down? Very nice logic indeed.

A leftist on tv says that she thinks it’s mean that people won’t vote for a candidate because of his race. On the contrary, it’s mean to vote for a candidate because of his/her identity.




German men told they can no longer stand and deliver (Telegraph, UK)


Women, the root of all social corruption, if left to their own devices and not forced to submit, seek invariably to eviscerate the masculine Spirit of God – i.e., to kill God and to kill men. Today’s feminists are simply following the path of Eve in the Garden, rebelling against God and seducing men in tow. Accordingly, man does himself a great disservice by acceding to the siren song of the woman, for he betrays not only God’s will, but the manly spirit which animates him. Outside of Christ, there is no man, only a vessel.

Barring obedience to God, hence wisdom regarding all things of the earth, Satan intimidates an apostate generation into ignorance and cowardice in perpetuity.

The war for independence is being fought in the realm of ideas. America and its allies wage proxy battles against thug immigrants and international terrorist gangsters, among other pests who won’t obey Anglo-European law. However, there is no enforcer of norms like that of good old-fashioned persuasion.

God seeks to persuade his subjects scientifically.

Satan, by contrast, cows his would-be opponents via innuendo (e.g., if one should dare stand up to the Devil, one should prepare oneself to be beleaguered by all manner of evil) in order to maintain dominion over his lost souls. Sure, the Devil tells them, “You may wander far and wide – do what you like – as long as you don’t challenge my methods.”

So you see, both God and Satan have immutable control over their respective realms. Accordingly, these masters require subservience. God, on the one hand, requires subservience from those who should love him and be convinced by his methods. Satan, on the other hand, requires subservience from those who fear him and are convinced, not by method or logic, but by emotion (e.g., deterrence or disincentive).

The foregoing is why Christians are [indoctrinated] into the notion that emotions, (collectively [personified]), are a wondrous servant, yet a terrible master. 




By Kate Connolly

Last Updated: 7:25pm BST 17/08/2004

German men are being shamed into urinating while sitting down by a gadget which is saving millions of women from cleaning up in the bathroom after them.

The WC ghost, a £6 voice-alarm, reprimands men for standing at the lavatory pan. It is triggered when the seat is lifted. The battery-operated devices are attached to the seats and deliver stern warnings to those who attempt to stand and urinate (known as “Stehpinkeln”).

“Hey, stand-peeing is not allowed here and will be punished with fines, so if you don’t want any trouble, you’d best sit down,” one of the devices orders in a voice impersonating the German leader, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Another has a voice similar to that of his predecessor, Helmut Kohl.

The manufacturers of the WC ghost, Patentwert, say they are ready to direct their gadgets at the British market.

Their prototype English-speaking WC ghost says in an American drawl: “Don’t you go wetting this floor cowboy, you never know who’s behind you. So sit down, get your water pistol in the bowl where it belongs. Ha, ha, ha.”

They also plan to copy the voices of Tony Blair and the Queen.

So far 1.8 million WC ghosts have been sold in German supermarkets.

But Klaus Schwerma, author of Standing Urinators: The Last Bastion of Masculinity? doubts whether it will ever be possible to convert all men.

“Many insist on standing, even though it leads to much marital strife,” he said.

In German, the phrase for someone who sits and urinates, a “Sitzpinkler”, is equivalent to “wimp”.










Desegregating Europe: in a much-anticipated decision, the European Court of Human Rights produces its own version of Brown v. Board of Education.(D.H. v. Czech Republic).

Author(s):Michael D. Goldhaber. 
Source:American Lawyer 30.2 (Feb 2008): p77(2). (1445 words)  Reading Level (Lexile): 1420.
Document Type:Magazine/Journal
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ON NOVEMBER 13 THE EUROPEAN Court of Human Rights settled any doubt that, in its protection of despised minorities, it is the rightful heir of the Warren Court. By a vote of 13 to 4, the European Court held that the Czech state had discriminated against Roma (Gypsy) children by quasi-automatically tracking them into schools for the mentally retarded.

Ironically, D.H. and Others v. The Czech Republic leaves today’s U.S. Supreme Court isolated in its cramped views on discrimination. Europe has become the unquestioned leader in a global judicial dialogue on civil rights in which the United States is only a marginal participant.

The European Court, based in Strasbourg, France, hears complaints by citizens against the 47 nations that have signed the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights. One judge from each nation sits on the court, but complaints are generally heard in the first instance by a seven-judge panel; when petitions for rehearing are accepted, cases go to a “Grand Chamber” of 17 judges, somewhat resembling an en banc panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which is similar in size. In the past generation, this institution has emerged as Europe’s primary expounder of constitutional values. Just as the Warren Court protected “discrete and insular minorities” (to use the phrase coined by Justice Harlan Fiske Stone), so the Strasbourg court in D.H. pledges to defend the “disadvantaged and vulnerable.” But in addition to grounding its mission in the Roma’s history of persecution, the European Court invokes the contemporary ideal of diversity. Thus the court identified an emerging European consensus that recognizes an obligation to protect minorities, both for their sakes and “to preserve a cultural diversity of value to the whole community.”

The European Roma, who number 10 million by one estimate, are the continent’s prototypical unpopular minority, facing widespread segregation in housing and education, as well as police brutality and stereotyping. It’s certainly hard to miss the disadvantage suffered by the 18 Czech Roma children who brought the D.H. case. When the suit started in 1999, the main advocacy group behind the case, the George Soros-funded European Roma Rights Centre, showed that Roma children in the plaintiffs’ hometown were 27 times more likely than their peers to be placed in “special schools.” It was enough to make a Jim Crow school superintendent blush.


Last year, a lower chamber of the court rejected the children’s pleas on the ground that it was not the court’s role “to assess the overall social context.” After the case was accepted for a definitive rehearing by a Grand Chamber of the court, an editorial in The New York Times encouraged the court to “seize the opportunity to modernize and reverse a decision that has anchored European race relations today well behind where America was in 1954.” With no qualms about undertaking a broad social inquiry, the Grand Chamber grabbed the moment and reversed in dramatic fashion. At the heart of its opinion, the Grand Chamber declared that claimants may rely on statistics to establish a prima facie case of discrimination. Once that preliminary showing has been made, the burden shifts to the state to justify the policy to the judges. Such an approach is essential if a court is to invalidate a general policy that falls with disparate impact on a minority.

These discrimination standards bring the European Court of Human Rights into line with the law of the European Community and the U.N. treaty bodies, to which the Grand Chamber devoted 12 pages of citations. Sadly, the one Supreme Court decision cited by the European Court, Griggs v. Duke Power Co., dates to 1971, and its permissive test was confined to statutory law. Under U.S. constitutional law, establishing discrimination requires proof of intent, and the justices in Washington have spent the past 20 years retreating from the promise of Brown v. Board of Education. Last June they reached a new low, rejecting the school desegregation plans of Louisville and Seattle.


“The decision underscores the growing divergence between the U.S. and the rest of the world in the field of equality rights,” says one of the plaintiffs’ counsel, James Goldston of the Open Society Justice Initiative, another Soros-funded group. “Since Griggs was decided in 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court has, on the whole, narrowed the scope of protection against racial discrimination, while courts in other countries–including, now most prominently, the ECHR–have steadily broadened it,” Goldston says.

Back in the seventies, it was U.S. law that inspired British and Irish barristers to transform the European Convention on Human Rights into a force for social change through a series of creative lawsuits. One leading early advocate was Anthony Lester, who in 1973, citing the civil rights precedents he had studied at Yale Law School, established that Britain had violated human rights when it effectively revoked the British citizenship of Indians and Pakistanis expelled from the young nations of East Africa. Now a member of Blackstone Chambers and the House of Lords, Lester has continued to fight the good fight as the winning barrister in the Roma desegregation case.

The European Court of Human Rights forms a progressive parallel universe to which the United States has traditionally been oblivious, although that is starting to change. The Supreme Court’s Bowers v. Hardwick decision, which upheld a ban on gay sex in 1986, seemed embarrassingly ignorant of the earlier Dudgeon v. United Kingdom, which reached the opposite result on identical facts in 1981. It was only in 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas that two gay men from Houston, who had been convicted of sodomy, persuaded the Supreme Court to overturn Bowers. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion was especially notable for the respect it accorded the European precedent of Dudgeon. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg observed after that term: “Our ‘island’ or ‘lone ranger’ mentality is beginning to change. Our justices … are becoming more open to comparative and international law perspectives.”

Desegregation and gay rights are only two of many areas in which European constitutional law holds lessons for the U.S. In 1971 a group of suspected Northern Irish terrorists–who became known as “the hooded men”–were subjected by the British military to many of the same techniques of sensory deprivation used at Guantanamo Bay. It’s been 30 years since the Strasbourg court banned this form of psychological warfare as “inhuman or degrading treatment.”

For all of Strasbourg’s pathbreaking, in recent years some commentators have worried that the Roma case was apt to be remembered as the Brown v. Board of Education that wasn’t. The Strasbourg court’s previously timid record on equality generally and Roma claims in particular suggested that the court had lost its reformist drive. One theory held that the court was reflecting the more conservative social mores of the former Communist nations that joined the Council of Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A second theory held that the court was so overwhelmed by its caseload–a victim of its own success–that it was prioritizing administrative efficiency over individual justice. The D.H. ruling lays both fears to rest. “This judgment is a most welcome affirmation,” says Goldston, “that the Strasbourg court remains a dynamic model of progressive rights enforcement and interpretation.”

As America knows well, the real trick is to translate bold judicial action into lasting social change. The D.H. ruling’s direct effect is unclear, because the Czech Republic formally abolished “special schools” in 2004, after the case was filed. But the effectiveness of that reform is highly debatable, and the Grand Chamber opinion has drawn attention to the persistence of Roma school segregation throughout Central and Eastern Europe. So although D.H. may not technically compel further Czech action, it will surely help interested nonprofits to push educational reform in Prague and elsewhere. Where advocates are disappointed with progress in Roma desegregation, they may bring new cases, armed with powerful new law. The same holds true for other European minorities–like Muslims–and for other realms of life that are prone to discrimination, such as housing and criminal justice.

When The American Lawyer visited the Roma shanties of the Czech Republic in 2002, early in the case’s long history, one of the plaintiff schoolgirls said: “I want to be a sweet maker, not a sweet maker’s helper.” It is too late for that girl to retrieve her lost school years. But thanks to the D.H. ruling, the next generation of Roma children may follow their dreams. The day may not be distant when lawyers of Roma origin sit on the European Court of Human Rights.

Michael D. Goldhaber is the author of A People’s History of the European Court of Human Rights (Rutgers University Press, 2007). E-mail:

Source Citation:Goldhaber, Michael D. “Desegregating Europe: in a much-anticipated decision, the European Court of Human Rights produces its own version of Brown v. Board of Education.(D.H. v. Czech Republic).” American Lawyer 30.2 (Feb 2008): 77(2). LegalTrac. Gale. Arlington Public Library. 19 Apr. 2008 

Gale Document Number:A175287492

Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement

From the desk of Fjordman on Sun, 2008-04-06 14:13
An American friend of mine has proposed that native Europeans should create a European Indigenous People’s Movement. I have hesitated with supporting this because it sounded a bit too extreme. However, in more and more European cities, the native population is being pushed out of their own neighborhoods by immigrant gangs. The natives receive little or no aid from their authorities, sometimes blatant hostility, when faced with immigrant violence. In an age where the global population increases with billions of people in a few decades, it is entirely plausible, indeed likely, that the West could soon become demographically overwhelmed. Not few of our intellectuals seem to derive pleasure from this thought.
Bat Ye’or in her book about Eurabia has documented how the European Union is actively allowing Muslims to colonize European countries. The next time EU leaders complain about China’s treatment of minorities, I suggest the Chinese answer the following: ‘Yes, we represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to subduing the indigenous people of Tibet, but you represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to displacing the indigenous peoples of an entire continent.’ There is no love lost between me and the Chinese Communist Party, an organization responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of its citizens, but even Chinese authorities do not actively seek to displace their own people with violent Muslims. European authorities do.
In decadent societies of the past, the authorities didn’t open the gates to hostile nations and ban opposition to this as intolerance and barbarophobia. What we are dealing with in the modern West is not merely decadence; it’s one of the greatest betrayals in history. Our so-called leaders pass laws banning the opposition to our dispossession as ‘racism and hate speech.’ To native Europeans, when listening to our media and our leaders, it’s as if we don’t even exist, as if it were normal for them to put the interests of other nations over their own. Despite having ‘democratic’ governments, many Western countries have authorities that are more hostile to their own people than dictators in some developing countries. Why?
At the Daily Telegraph, Simon Heffer suggests that the mass immigration encouraged in particular by the Labour governments of Blair and Brown in Britain is not happening out of incompetence, but is part of ‘a doctrinally driven determination by the new Government in 1997 to destroy our national identity and to advance multiculturalism.’ I agree, but this policy of state-sponsored population replacement is far from limited to Britain.
Numbers discussed in 2008 showed clearly that mass immigration has had no positive effects on the economy in Britain, and I have seen similar calculations from France, Denmark and Norway, among others. On the contrary, it is a drain on the finances of the native population, and that’s even if we don’t count the wave of terrorism, insecurity and street violence which is sweeping Western Europe, from Sweden via Germany to the Netherlands. On top of this, the costs of destruction of national cohesion and weakened cultural legacies are incalculable, yet mass immigration continues as if nothing has happened. In April 2008, a report indicated that Spain needed over two million new foreign workers just until 2020, many of whom are likely to come from Muslim North Africa. The authors of the report would call upon the Spanish government to adopt a new law on immigration ‘to facilitate the legal entry, take advantage of the new arrivals and encourage integration.’
I have earlier toyed with the idea of giving native Norwegians the legal status as indigenous people in Norway. A large proportion of my ancestors have lived here since the end of the last Ice Age, for as long as this country has been habitable for humans. The original settlers, who came from Central Europe (Germany and the Czech Republic), have been supplemented by other Europeans. Genetic traces from peoples of Near Eastern origins who spread agriculture to Europe are detectable, but until recently most Europeans were overwhelmingly the descendants of men and women who had lived in the region for tens of thousands of years.
Genetically speaking, native Europeans have thus lived longer on the same continent than have Native Americans. Many Southeast Asians are descendants of southern Chinese settlers who displaced or eradicated the original, dark-skinned inhabitants of the region in early historical times, just as many of the nations of sub-Saharan Africa are Bantu invaders who displaced or eradicated the indigenous Khoi-San peoples throughout much of Africa. Modern-day Japanese have lived in Japan for a shorter period of time than Europeans have lived in Europe. Yet a Scottish councillor, Sandy Aitchison, was chastised for using the term ‘indigenous’ about native Brits. Why is it considered ridiculous or evil if Europeans assert our rights? Is it because we are white? Everybody’s supposed to keep their culture, except people of European origins? Is that it? Why is colonialism bad, except when my country, which has no colonial history, gets colonized by Third World peoples?
Western Europeans have in recent years accepted more immigration in a shorter period of time than any society has ever done peacefully in human history. If we want a break we have the right to do so. What we are dealing with is not ‘immigration’ but colonization, and in the case of Muslims, internationally organized attempts to conquer of our countries. If non-Europeans have the right to resist colonization then so do Europeans. Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Norway hardly have any colonial history at all. The Germans had a colony in Namibia. Why should they accept millions of Turkish Muslims, who have a thousand years of brutal colonial history of their own, because of this? There are hardly any Britons in Pakistan today, so why should the Brits allow huge numbers of Pakistanis to settle in Britain? And if the Algerians can demand independence from France, why can’t the French demand independence from Algerians?
I like cultural diversity and would hope this could be extended to include my culture, too. Or is Multiculturalism simply a hate ideology designed to unilaterally dismantle European culture and the peoples who created it? If people in Cameroon or Cambodia can keep their culture, why can’t the peoples who produced Beethoven, Newton, Copernicus, Michelangelo and Louis Pasteur do the same? As Rabbi Aryeh Spero points out, European elites insist ‘on the primacy of indigenous cultures and religions when speaking of other faraway regions, yet find such insistence arrogant when it concerns the indigenous culture of its own lands.’
Yes, a little immigration from compatible cultures can be absorbed, and can be beneficial on certain terms. But what we are dealing with now is not from compatible cultures, and it certainly isn’t little. My nation runs a very real risk of being demographically wiped out during this century, as do the other Nordic countries. We will go from being among the most successful societies in human history to being eradicated in the space of a few generations if current levels of mass immigration continue. Do I have the right to worry about this, or is that ‘racist’?
The author Gore Vidal once stated: ‘Norway is large enough and empty enough to take in 40 to 50 million homeless Bengalis. If the Norwegians say that, all in all, they would rather not take them in, is this to be considered racism? I think not. It is simply self-preservation, the first law of species.’ Thomas Jefferson said that ‘The law of self-preservation is higher than written law,’ and he was right.
As I wrote two years ago: ‘By any standards possible, we’re one of the most successful cultures in the world, our largest flaw, which could eventually bury us, probably being our naivety. So why on earth should we quietly watch while our country is subdued by the most unsuccessful cultures in the world? The most basic instinct of all living things, even down to bacteria level, is self-preservation. In 2006, you have a natural right to self-preservation if you are an amoeba, but not if you’re a Scandinavian. Maybe the solution then is to argue that Scandinavians are indeed a species of amoebas, and that we need special protection by the WWF. We could showcase some of our finest specimen of Leftist intellectuals and journalists to prove our point. Shouldn’t be too hard.’
For simply suggesting that I would not enjoy being turned into a persecuted minority in my own country, I have been accused of being a ‘white nationalist,’ which says a great deal about how demonized people of European ancestry have become. What about Koreans or Japanese? If they were gradually being displaced by, say, Nigerians and Pakistanis and were harassed in their cities by people who moved there out of their own free will, would they be denounced as yellow nationalists if they objected to this? In fact, why do the terms yellow nationalist, brown nationalist and black nationalist hardly exist, whereas the term white nationalist does? Isn’t that by itself an indication of a double standard?
I started out initially writing almost exclusively about Islam, and I still write predominantly about Islam. However, I have gradually realized that we are dealing with an entire regime of censorship that needs to be removed before we can deal with Islam. I will in any situation highlight and support the struggle of Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Baha’is, Jews, African Christians, Chinese Taoists etc. against Islamic Jihad, which is a global fight. I always have and I always will. The one thing I will not do is surrender my land, which is not mine to give. I do not see anybody else quietly accept being turned into a minority in the country where their ancestors have lived since the end of the last Ice Age, and I cannot see why I should have to do so, either. I don’t care if white Westerners are ‘scared of being called a racist.’ I will not leave a ruined land behind to my descendants because I was afraid of being called bad names. If you think it is ‘racist’ for Europeans to preserve their heritage and protect their children from abuse, then I’m not the bigot here. You are.
I hereby propose that native Europeans should create a European Indigenous People’s Movement, on behalf of the traditional majority populations of Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark etc., inspired by the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The European Indigenous People’s Movement should support the right of Europe’s indigenous peoples to preserve their self-determination, traditions, sovereignty and culture as majority peoples in their own lands.
The list of goals and objectives should include:
1.) The right to maintain our traditional majorities in our own lands, control our own sovereignty and our own self-determination. We do not wish harm or ill-feeling toward any other peoples on earth, but we assert the right to maintain our own majorities in our own lands without being accused of ‘racism.’ We reject current trends which preach that we have no right to oppose, control or lessen unlimited immigration from non-indigenous cultures.
2.) The right to teach our children our cultures, languages, historical interpretations, religious celebrations and traditions unimpeded. We reject educational trends which encourage our children to forget or despise their culture, traditions, religious practices and history in order to avoid offense to non-indigenous European residents or citizens.
3.) The right to maintain, cherish and practice our own indigenous religious holidays and celebrations. We reject out of hand current trends which preach that traditional indigenous European religious or cultural celebrations such as Christmas are somehow ‘racist’ or ‘non-inclusive’ and therefore must be ‘downgraded,’ ‘renamed’ or otherwise de-emphasized or eliminated in order to avoid offending non-indigenous European residents or citizens. We reject current policies which establish that our indigenous cultures are somehow deficient and therefore are not complete until they are ‘enriched’ by other, non-indigenous cultures.
4.) The right to maintain, cherish and display our own indigenous religious, national, ethnic and cultural symbols. We reject out of hand current trends or policies which preach that our national flags or ethnic symbols of centuries standing are somehow ‘racist’ or ‘non-inclusive’ in order to avoid offense to non-indigenous European residents or citizens.
5.)  The right to maintain, cherish, protect and display our own indigenous cultural expressions such as music, artwork and sculptures. We reject out of hand current trends or policies which preach that indigenous European cultural expressions such as statues of boars, folkloric tales about pigs or dogs, paintings with Christian or Classical pagan themes, war memorials with a Christian theme, etc., should be removed from public view, banned, destroyed, modified or otherwise threatened in order to avoid offense to non-indigenous European residents or citizens.
6.)  The right to maintain, cherish and protect indigenous burial sites, structures, buildings, churches, museums and other public works and structures from destruction, modification or other changes. We reject out of hand current trends or policies which establish that indigenous public works and structures must be changed or modified to avoid offense to non-indigenous European residents or citizens, or to ‘make way’ for structures or public works that benefit non-European residents or citizens (i.e. digging up indigenous graves that are centuries old in order to ‘make room’ for non-indigenous cemeteries, removing external Christian symbols and statues from churches, etc.)
Mr. Franco Frattini of the EU Commission, the unelected and unaccountable government for nearly half a billion people, has stated that Europeans should accept further tens of millions of immigrants within a generation. The British Foreign Minister Milliband stated late in 2007 that the EU should expand to include Muslim nations in North Africa and the Middle East. The French President Sarkozy and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed this early in 2008. This is part of an organized attempt to surrender Europe to Islamization that has been going on for decades. Since the European Union involves the free movement of people across borders, European leaders are opening the floodgates to tens of millions of Muslims and other non-indigenous peoples at a time when native Europeans fear for the survival of their civilization and feel like aliens in their own cities. Meanwhile, Ernst Uhrlau, the president of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, warned about the rising assertiveness of violent Jihadist organizations in North Africa.
Based on this evidence, the European Union can hardly be seen as anything other than a criminal organization dedicated to the demographic dispossession and cultural marginalization of the indigenous peoples of an entire continent. Consequently, the EU should be immediately and totally dissolved. Native Europeans should demand that we have an interim period with public de-Eurabification, where the lies propagated by pro-Islamic Multiculturalists should be removed from our history books, and a proper respect for European cultural traditions should be restored. Those officials on senior levels who have participated in the creation of Eurabia should stand trial for crimes against their civilization.