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In the Mid-Eastern Mind (Governance and Free Speech)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is an excerpt of a Facebook discussion that a Mid-Eastern man was having on a free speech board. In my opinion, there is much insight to be gained into the rationale behind the dogmatic and supremacist views of these peoples (in terms of race, class, gender, religion, and so forth). Try to keep in mind that this guy speaks without irony.

Tariq El Camool says:

i think we should go back to the monarchy ruling a puppet government like it was before the civil war in England. It was a much simpler system, and after all the king is in direct contact with God. I think prince Charles will make a fine leader of this country.

[…] You don’t need the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ if you have Charles
He in human form has a direct link with God [may his name last for eternity]
Who better to govern the UK?

[…] In feudal times the peasants were happy because they knew their place,they knew the king and his friends enjoyed the best of everything, but that was the way of the world. And the king always had the clergy to instill the fear of God into the workforce.
[…] Well anyway even if the hardworking peasants weren’t frightened of God and the clergy, and if they had enough energy after working from dawn till dusk to do anything about their lot, there was always ‘John company’ ready to be used to keep them quiet.
[…] Be careful my friend with your ideas of free speech, or you will find the common folk will swap ideas and decide they want a bigger slice of the pie, and that can only mean one thing my well meaning friend, reduced luxury and priviledge for the ruling classes.
[…] And it’s a pity prince Charles is not immortal like God, if he was he could rule us forever.

Black Gangster and Arab/Islamic Terrorist Rappers

I’m no afficionado or learned critic of rap music, but from where I’m sitting, [the genre] fits Islamic terrorists like a glove. 

Consider the following from a family-oriented source providing information about the propaganda of the Islamic Mein Kampf:

Followers of the ideology also produce content that supports the goals of violent Islamists. One of the most well-known examples is the rap video “Dirty Kuffar” (Kuffar means “nonbeliever”), which was downloaded onto millions of computers or watched online. In the video, the rapper, waving a gun and a Koran, praises bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks and disparages

Western leaders with lyrics such as:

Peace to Hamas and the Hezbollah
OBL pulled me like a shiny star
Like the way we destroyed them two towers ha-ha
The minister Tony Blair, there my dirty Kuffar
The one Mr. Bush, there my dirty Kuffar
Throw them on the fire.

The song is performed against a changing backdrop of images of world leaders morphing into animals or fictional characters and scenes of terrorists engaging in military training and attacking coalition forces in Iraq.

It doesn’t seem like it takes much to adapt the Muslim terrorist culture to the American gangster rap culture; in fact, the only difference between them I see is that the former is simply more strategic and international in its vision.


Former SDS, Communist Party, and Weather Underground Extremists Defame Critics of Khalil Gibran Academy;

They Join Prior Supporters, Such as Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, in Support of KGIA

For Immediate Release

Contact: Beth Gilinsky
(212) 726-1124 or actionalliance1@yahoo.com

New York, New York April 4, 2008 — .   Once again, radical Islamist groups and their enablers are attempting to silence American citizens through boycotts, name-calling, threats of lawsuits, defamatory accusations and other forms of intimidation. 

 This time, as the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) finds itself under new fire from angry parents in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn who feel KGIA is being imposed on their elementary school,  hard Leftist KGIA supporters are attempting to bolster the failing “multi-cultural” experiment by defaming their critics.  In a letter this week to Mayor Bloomberg, KGIA supporters label those who have questioned the creation, purpose, affiliates, management, and other issues regarding the Arabic school “a small group of fear-mongering bigots.” 

Among those who signed the letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein were a number of well- known former leaders of extremist Leftist organizations.  For example, as reported by the open source Wikipedia, William Ayers, who is now at the University of Illinois at Chicago, reportedly was “a Weather Underground member…. he became radicalized at the University of Michigan. During his years there, he became involved in the New Left and the SDS. Ayers went underground with several comrades after their co-conspirators’ bomb accidentally exploded on March 6, 1970, destroying a Greenwich Village townhouse and killing three members of the Weather Underground…. They avoided the police and FBI while bombing high-profile government buildings—including the United States Capitol (two bombs on March 1, 1970), The Pentagon (May 19, 1972), and the Harry S Truman Building which houses the United States Department of State (on January 29, 1975)—along with several banks, police department headquarters and precincts, state and federal courthouses, and state prison administrative offices. Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn raised two children, Zayd and Malik, underground before turning themselves in in 1981, when most charges were dropped because of prosecutorial misconduct during the long search for the fugitives…. Ayers published his memoirs in 2001 with the book Fugitive Days. His interview with the New York Times to promote his book was published on September 11, 200…. In this interview, he… was quoted as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough.”…. In the fall of 2006, Ayers was asked not to attend a progressive educators’ conference on the basis that the organizers did not want to risk an association of their movement with his violent past. ” 

Another of those defaming critics of KGIA is Michael Klonsky, of the Small Schools Workshop who, again according to the open source Wikipedia, “…helped organize the first chapter of Students for a Democratic Society in the area. He became active in national SDS early in 1967…. During his community organizing, Klonsky began developing a proto-Marxist ideology which emphasized community and worker organizing…. In late 1969, Klonsky founded the October League, a communist party which in 1977 became the Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist. He was elected the party’s chairman…. Klonsky made several trips to China beginning in July 1977, where he was warmly received by government and Communist Party of China officials and treated to state dinners… ”
Stop the Madrassa Community Coalition (STM) has filed Freedom of Information Law requests to obtain complete information concerning textbooks, lesson plans and design documents to be used at KGIA.  Because the DOE did not comply STM was forced to file an Article 78 petition in Manhattan Supreme Court. Not surprisingly the documents turned over pursuant to the FOIL requests substantiated STM concerns.  To date the school does not have proper textbooks, curricla, or lesson plans for teaching middle and high school Arabic language and culture. What was discovered from FOIL requests is that KGIA was poorly designed and poorly thought-out.   In recent months STM has stepped up its calls for immediate closure of KGIA, and expanded its fight nationwide to halt the imposition of radical Islamist agendas in curricula, Arab language programs, history classes, textbooks, teacher training, and charter schools.  STM does not oppose the teaching of Arabic language or Arabic culture in a balanced public school curriculum offering several languages and covering all cultures.

We will not be silenced and we stand in solidarity with others who have been defamed or targeted for exposing the dangers of Islamo-fasxism and jihadism.
#                      #                      #

Stop the Madrassa Community Coalition is a grassroots organization working to help parents and teachers investigate, expose and eliminate Islamist and other ideological influence on textbooks, curricula and courses. . For more information please visit www.stopthemadrassa.wordpress.org..