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The curse of multiculturalism

Lebanese youth pack-rape young Australian girls in racially motivated attacks

August 26, 2001

Over the past 12 months gangs of ethnic men and youths have pack-raped at least 50 victims in Sydney’s south-western suburbs. The perpetrators have been described as Muslim youths who are either Lebanese-born, or Lebanese Australians. The victims have all been young Caucasian girls, one as young as thirteen.

The pattern is similar in all attacks. A girl is enticed by one or two men, whose cohorts joined then and then brutally raped her. The victim is often subjected to racial taunts. One was told: “You deserve it because you’re an Australian”. 

Last August, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped 15 times by 14 youths who passed her from one group of mates to another after she was lured from a train at Bankstown station. Assaulted by four of the pack in a toilet, the woman was driven to further locations, raped repeatedly and, as final act of humiliation, sprayed down with a hose.

According to NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan, the series of attacks is a new and shocking phenomenon probably without precedent in Australian criminology. Mr Ryan said the tension in the city’s west was to some extent a by-product of Sydney’s huge recent immigration. “This is the largest immigrant population of mixed races in the world. It’s going to be extraordinarily difficult to settle that melting pot down”, he said.