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When mass killers meet armed resistance (Classically Liberal)

It took place at a university in Virginia. A student with a grudge, an immigrant, pulled a gun and went on a shooting spree. It wasn’t Virginia Tech at all. It was the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, not far away. You can easily drive from the one school to the other, just take a trip down Route 460 through Tazewell.

It was January 16, 2002 when Peter Odighizuwa came to campus. He had been suspended due to failing grades. Odighizuwa was angry and waving a gun calling on students to “come get me”. The students, seeing the gun, ran. A shooting spree started almost immediately. In seconds Odighizuwa had killed the school dean, a professor and one student. Three other students were shot as well, one in the chest, one in the stomach and one in the throat.

Many students heard the shots. Two who did were Mikael Gross and Tracy Bridges. Mikael was outside the school having just returned to campus from lunch when he heard the shots. Tracy was inside attending class. Both immediately ran to their cars. Each had a handgun locked in the vehicle.

Bridges pulled a .357 Magnum pistol and he later said he was prepared to shoot to kill if necessary. He and Gross both approached Odighizuwa at the same time from different directions. Both were pointing their weapons at him. Bridges yelled for Odighizuwa to drop his weapon. When the shooter realized they had the drop on him he threw his weapon down. A third student, unarmed, Ted Besen, approached the killer and was physically attacked.
But Odighizuwa was now disarmed. The three students were able to restrain him and held him for the police. Odighizuwa is now in prison for the murders he committed. His killing spree ended when he faced two students with weapons. There would be no further victims that day, thanks to armed resistance…



It’s Not “If” O.J. Did It—It’s How (Book)

You may think you know the truth about O.J. Simpson and the murders that gripped a nation—but prepare to be shocked.
After twenty years as O.J.’s sports agent and trusted confidant, Mike Gilbert is breaking his silence, revealing what really happened that fateful night, and how he helped O.J. get away with the crime of the century.
How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret, and Remorse is unlike anything you’ve read before; Gilbert puts you into O.J.’s inner circle every step of the way—from the Bronco “chase” to the infamous trial to life after the murders.
Told with searing candor and palpable guilt, Gilbert reveals how O.J.’s closest friends and allies concocted elaborate cover-ups to help Simpson build a life without consequences. He divulges unknown stories and facts that even the media and O.J.’s former “Dream Team” don’t know, including:
O.J.’s late-night confession
How Gilbert was responsible for ensuring the infamous glove did not fit O.J.’s hand
How O.J. hides his money and assets to keep from paying the Goldman family
Why Gilbert defended O.J. for so long, and what finally convinced him to come clean—it has nothing to do with sympathy or “cashing in”
Brutally honest and achingly tragic, this book leaves no one’s reputation intact—not even Gilbert’s. But it casts a glaring light on how celebrity can corrupt, how justice can be manipulated, and how loyalty can be perverted. We watched the nightmare unfold, but Gilbert lived it—and he has the scars and memories to prove it.
“I want you to know what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. I want you to see us as real people. You are free to judge me however you wish….We all live in fear of the whole truth being told, because once it is, everybody’s ghosts start to come out. We are all guilty of something. I’ll start with myself—I am guilty of a whole lot. But you have to take the whole journey with me, not just tune in when the saga began for the rest of the country. While the public was watching this unfold, we were actually living it.”

Typical Black-on-White Crime

I doubt if many of you have the stomach for this. I’ve seen it in another iteration before, but I chose not to post it because it’s just so gruesome. But while I’m on a roll talking about black gangsters all over the world, including one running for POTUS, I might as well introduce these characters on trial today.


The five people pictured below
 car-jacked, then raped
Christopher Newsom , cut off his penis, then set him
on fire and fatally shot him while they forced his
girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch.   
An even more cruel fate awaited her!

Channon Christian, was beaten and gang-raped in
many ways for four days by all of them, while they
took turns urinating on her.    Then they cut off
her breast and put chemicals in her mouth ..
and then murdered her.

Knoxville (WVLT) –
The District Attorney General of Knox County
announced the list of charges facing now five
suspects in the double murder of Channon Christian
and Christopher Newsom .

The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not
saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty,
but he does say the State will seek conviction for
all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from
the Knox County Grand Jury.

Lemaricus Davidson, 25, faces a total of 46 charges.  
Davidson was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder
growing out of rape, robbery and kidnapping of
Channon Christian and Chris Newsom,
2 counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom,
2 counts especially aggravated assault,
4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping,
and 20 counts aggravated rape.
Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas, both 24,
face a total of 46 charges each.  
Cobbins and Thomas were indicted on 16 counts
of Felony Murder growing out of rape,
robbery and kidnapping of Channon Christian
and Chris Newsom , 2 counts premeditated murder
of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially
aggravated robberies, 4 counts especially
aggravated kidnapping, 20 counts aggravated rape,
and 2 counts of theft.

Additionally, police in Lebanon , Kentucky ,
arrested 18-year-old Vanessa Coleman.   
She faces 40 Tennessee state charges.
Coleman was indicted on 12 counts Felony Murder
growing out of rape, robbery and kidnapping of
Channon Christian and Chris Newsom,
1 count Premeditated Murder,
1 count Especially Aggravated Robbery,
4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping,
20 counts of aggravated rape and 2 Counts of theft.

Eric Boyd, 24, also arrested in connection
with the fatal carjacking, only faces federal
charges as an accessory after the fact.   
He was not indicted by Knox county grand jury.

Felony Murder carries a possibility of death,
life without the possibility of parole and life with parole.  
Especially Aggravated Robbery is a Class A felony
that carries a possibility of 15 to 60 years in prison.   
Aggravated Rape is a Class A felony that carries
a possibility of 15 to 60 years of prison.

At a news conference last  year, 
District Attorney Nichols commended the cooperative
efforts between several departments and credits that
cooperation for the fast pace this case is moving
through the court system.

This is certainly a case garnering a lot of public interest,
Nichols recognizes that and says he expects all kinds
of requests filed in this case, including a change of
venue in order to receive a fair trial.   
But he says he does hope 12 Knox County jurors will
be able to determine the guilt or innocence
of these suspects.

Where be the Revs Al and Jesse?  
Are they providing counsel and help to the families
of the victims?  Of course not – the victims were white.

Why hasn’t this received National coverage by the
news media like the Duke ‘rape’ case?  
Oh, that’s right – the victims were white.

Why hasn’t the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times,
etc., called for an investigation?  
Must be ’cause the victims were white.

Why hasn’t the FBI been called in to investigate
this as a hate crime?   
Oh, that’s right – the victims were white.








So, if a white news radio jock uses the phrase
‘Nappy headed hos’, it gets 2 weeks of constant news
coverage and he loses his job. 
If two white people are tortured, raped and murdered
by a group of black people, it barely gets a blip in the news:

Pass this around, and maybe, just maybe,
it will land in the hands of someone in the media or politics,
who has the balls to stand up and be counted!!!

This sounded so unreal that it was checked on Snopes.


South Africa – Nowhere to run to (Video)


South Africans try to secure themselves by transforming their homes to virtual prisons. This did not prevent a father being shot and killed in cold blood by two black intruders, in front of his family, while pleading for the lives of his children in their own home.

Stories like these are not unusual in South Africa nowadays — when you live there, only the most sickening tales of violence make the news — and that on an almost daily basis. You are bombarded by bloodshed as part of everyday life.

South Africa’s homicide rate of 55/100 000 is the highest in the world, 10 times higher than that of the USA of 5/100 000.

Both black and white are victims. It is a fact, however, that it is a black government that is unable to deal with both the root causes of violent crime, and the criminals themselves. As is the case in the USA and UK, the perpetrators of these extremely violent crimes are almost always black.

I know these statements are politically incorrect, but it is time that black people assume responsibility for their own actions, and stop blaming others.