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South Africa – Nowhere to run to (Video)


South Africans try to secure themselves by transforming their homes to virtual prisons. This did not prevent a father being shot and killed in cold blood by two black intruders, in front of his family, while pleading for the lives of his children in their own home.

Stories like these are not unusual in South Africa nowadays — when you live there, only the most sickening tales of violence make the news — and that on an almost daily basis. You are bombarded by bloodshed as part of everyday life.

South Africa’s homicide rate of 55/100 000 is the highest in the world, 10 times higher than that of the USA of 5/100 000.

Both black and white are victims. It is a fact, however, that it is a black government that is unable to deal with both the root causes of violent crime, and the criminals themselves. As is the case in the USA and UK, the perpetrators of these extremely violent crimes are almost always black.

I know these statements are politically incorrect, but it is time that black people assume responsibility for their own actions, and stop blaming others.




UPDATE:  Barack Hussein Obama and the liberal attack machine DON’T WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SEE THE NEW HARD-HITTING COMMERCIAL we’ve just produced that EXPOSES Barack Hussein Obama.
The liberal media is trying to viciously brand it negative — the conservative media is defending it — Rush Limbaugh even uses the word “racist” — the liberals are desperately hoping that they can dismiss it BEFORE the American people have had a chance to see it!
The following segment of the Rush Limbaugh show makes the case plainly:
RUSH: See, the knee-jerk reaction is what Matthews had. Well, you got an ad talking about Obama. Black guy. Therefore the ad’s racist, whatever the ad says… But, you know, there’s a method to Matthews’ madness; and once again, it is to stifle any criticism of Barack Obama at all by saying that any criticism is racist… it became clear to me a long time ago that the Republicans — are not going to attack Obama. They’re just not going to do it because they’re afraid of being called racists. So if Obama’s not going to be attacked and bloodied up politically, somebody’s going to do it.

MATTHEWS: Well, somebody doesn’t like that group of voters might call them Archie Bunkers. I’ll call them Reagan Democrats. They’re Reagan Democrats, people who are culturally conservative, maybe a little culturally conservative on the racial front, on the ethnic front. Uh, they like to think of themselves as Democrats on economic issues, but when it comes to the squeeze on some of these cultural issues — this — Didn’t this all come up earlier about three weeks ago in San Francisco, this conversation?

RUSH: Absolutely right, and it was harmful to Barack Obama.
You see… it’s NOT enough that YOU see this powerful ad… and it’s NOT enough that you forward to all your friends.
If you’re reading this urgent alert, you’re probably a politically astute and patriotic conservative. YOU ALREADY KNOW that Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous man in America. Your friends and associates know it’s true as well.

WHAT REALLY SCARES BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND THE LIBERAL ATTACK MACHINE IS THAT EVERYONE ACROSS AMERICA — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — will see this commercial and ask the pivotal question we raise: “Can a man so weak in the war on gangs be trusted in the war on terror?”
That’s why the Obama campaign called it “garbage” and went on to say, “If Floyd Brown and his right-wing allies want to talk about who keep us safer in the world, they can start by asking John McCain why he refuses to end a war in Iraq…”
Notice how Obama’s people dismiss the commercial out-of-hand and attempt to change the subject.
If Rush is right, the liberal attack machine wants to silence this commercial before the American people have had the chance to see it… and they’re not beyond implying that those who heed the very simple and effective warning in the commercial are racist. In essence… THE IMPLICATION IS THAT YOU ARE RACIST!
So how do YOU fight back? It’s simple. We MUST DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT US TO DO. We MUST distribute this commercial far and wide. We MUST make sure every American sees it!  AND WE MUST ACT RIGHT NOW!
If you’ve already pledged to help us distribute this hard-hitting commercial, please accept our sincerest thanks.
If you haven’t, you still can and you can also help by forwarding this e-mail to all your friends and associates.