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Personal Stuff – Job

I am like way excited now that I’ve been working @ my new job four months! I’m a total geek and loving it. I am going to use the word ‘I’ and ‘my’ a lot in this message. My location is the company HQ and we have training classes for tech support and sales personnel, among others (e.g., admin and execs) that run continuously and there is so much opportunity! Our boss, at the corporate meeting for all employees, was like, “I want to make sure that I keep the right people so advancements will be forthcoming” or words to that effect. I want to learn everything there is to know about my industry (Business Intelligence). I want to learn programming in SQL, HTML, Java and Flash.

My boss says I can take the classes as long as I keep up with workflow. He mentioned in our interview on the phone that he’s looking for someone who will do grunt work and become a manager, then teach the admin stuff to new hires. I’m stoked. I just got certified in some of the technology that runs my division (it’s like the first among three steps to becoming an engineer in our systems, then I could, hypothetically, be a consultant!). It’s an exciting career track; we deal with data warehouses and metadata (information about information). Our company serves public and private sectors (e.g., CIA, NSA, DOD as well as Google, Accenture, IBM and basically almost the entire Fortune 500).

So that’s an update. Let me know how things are going where you are – send a note, append a comment to my blog, etc.



Personal Developments in Work and Life (4-26-08)

There have been some interesting developments in my life as of late. I guess my new job attests to the fact that even liberal arts majors with so-so GPAs can get good positions as long as they’re willing to put in some leg work and be patient (thanks Joe). I paid my dues working as a temp and court reporter in DC for over two years and that was a fairly hellish experience not so much due to the actual work itself, but all the extraneous factors (e.g., living in an urban ghetto and being constantly harrassed by despised minorities and silly, arrogant women), schlepping around town with a 50lb bag full of recording equipment, taking buses, trains, and walking everywhere [gosh].

There is a bit of a sea change going on, what with all the work I’ve been doing  and the direction my team (at work) is heading in. The law seems a bit extraneous at this point – not that it’s not important overall, but to my immediate goals –  considering that quantitative methods are the currency of my department. Moreover, I’d like to get more of a solid grasp of business and technology before I make a foray into the legal realm. The IP lawyers are the ones who are in charge of patenting inventions and that seems to be a fairly noble aim. Did you know Abraham Lincoln (lawyer) had a patent? It’s true!  (See http://showcase.netins.net/web/creative/lincoln/education/patent.htm .)

I credit all my LSAT studies to future endeavors and I surely have wasted no time or expense in preparing [for the law school admission test].

Apropos of subsequent direction:  The GMAT has two parts – one quantitative and the other verbal, which draws from the same material as the LSAT, just in less detail. So now that I have a good mastery of the vocabulary of the test[s] and the methodology, it should be a fairly smooth transition. I haven’t completely given up on the LSAT (e.g., canceled my test in October) yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before that part of my study life falls by the wayside. It’s hard to set it down because I feel like I’m betraying a dream, but it’s not failure by default, rather, an objective deferred.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.